3 days ago DeaDDooMERfix 16/32 bit and float wav formats for openal master
10 days ago DeaDDooMERfix building with holmes on osx
11 days ago DeaDDooMERfix sdlmixer on bigendian machines (i hope fully)
11 days ago DeaDDooMERremove x11 dependency on osx+sdl2
11 days ago DeaDDooMERfix SDL2 for osx-ppc
2019-11-25 DeaDDooMERfix split screen for default megawad
2019-11-19 DeaDDooMERfix localization typo
2019-11-14 DeaDDooMERsave window position
2019-11-13 DeaDDooMERfix text input validation
2019-11-13 DeaDDooMERsave window options after resizing by user
2019-11-13 DeaDDooMERfix screen size saving after first start
2019-11-10 DeaDDooMERfix crash when cancell map downloding
2019-11-09 DeaDDooMERmove game settings to dfconfig.cfg
2019-11-08 DeaDDooMERmove video, sound and language options to dfconfig.cfg
2019-11-07 DeaDDooMERfix empty githash
2019-11-07 DeaDDooMERadd cvar d_eres
2019-11-07 Ketmar Darkengine: yet another attempt to fix map downloading... mob
2019-11-07 Ketmar Darkdownloader: cosmetix
2019-11-07 Ketmar Darkengine: hack for missing anims
2019-11-07 Ketmar Darkreadme typo
2019-11-07 DeaDDooMERdo not save/receive absolute paths in saves/network
2019-11-06 DeaDDooMERadd more info about game build to log and window title
2019-11-02 DeaDDooMERbetter line wrapping for map description
2019-11-02 DeaDDooMERflush screenshot after writing
2019-11-02 Ketmar Darkutils: game: backslash is windoze-specific path separator
2019-10-30 DeaDDooMERfix question char
2019-10-27 DeaDDooMERautodetect portable installation. --cwd -> --like-windoze
2019-10-27 fgsfdshow 2 spell
2019-10-26 DeaDDooMERadd build instructions for macosx
2019-10-25 DeaDDooMERadd paths for osx
2019-10-21 DeaDDooMERfix log flush when game.wad not found
2019-10-21 DeaDDooMERdo not show message box in headless mode
2019-10-21 DeaDDooMERadd default dirs for linux and android
2019-10-21 DeaDDooMERremove assert from e_GetResourcePath
2019-10-21 Ketmar Darkgame: do not force CLI pathes to cwd
2019-10-21 Ketmar Darkutils: more useless APIs
2019-10-21 Ketmar Darkgame: try to guess binary directory, and use it as...
2019-10-21 Ketmar Darki18n: localizing arrow key names wasn't the brightest...
2019-10-20 Ketmar Darkgame: do not use absolute path in wad selection widgets...
2019-10-20 Ketmar Darknet: game: other: hash database and resource downloader...
2019-10-20 Ketmar Darkgame: better map wad lookup (it doesn't need to receive...
2019-10-20 Ketmar Darkutils: better `isWadPath()`
2019-10-20 Ketmar Darkgame: `e_GetDir()` -> `e_GetWriteableDir()`, with sligh...
2019-10-20 Ketmar Darkgame: better (somewhat) scanning for player models
2019-10-20 Ketmar Darkutils: made `wadExtensions` array public, because we...
2019-10-20 DeaDDooMERallow resources in non current directory (warning:...
2019-10-18 Ketmar Darkgfx: fixed OpenGL extension checks; fixed NPOT emulatio...
2019-10-18 Ketmar Darknet: i really love to break things by fixing other...
2019-10-18 Ketmar Darknet: call sfs gc collect in resource downloader
2019-10-18 Ketmar Darknet: some cosmetic logging in resource downloader
2019-10-17 Ketmar Darknet: oops; reconnection to failed master was totally...
2019-10-16 Ketmar Darknet: enet+shitdoze == clusterfuck; added workaround...
2019-10-16 fgsfdsnet: fix master comms on pindoze
2019-10-16 Ketmar Darknet: added second master server to default config
2019-10-16 Ketmar Darknet: server list works again (i hope)
2019-10-16 Ketmar Darknet: it is now possible to use more than one master...
2019-10-15 Ketmar Darknet: i love to log it, log it!
2019-10-15 Ketmar Darknet: mostly restored master-comm logic
2019-10-15 Ketmar Darknet: more callbacks and still-non-working crap for...
2019-10-15 Ketmar Darknet: some more code for master-comm; init/deinit enet...
2019-10-15 Ketmar Darknet: more master-comm code mutilation; very primitive...
2019-10-15 Ketmar Darknet: started master-server communication rewrite (phase...
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERoops. add
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix building holmes and tools
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darknet: added useless wall of text into initial player...
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERupdate README. vampimg paths now are specified in Doom2...
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darksdl2sys: removed compiler warning (fpc warnings sux)
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix building with USE_SYSSTUB + USE_SDLMIXER
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix building tools
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERadd stub opengl wrapper and remove nanogl wrapper.
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERuse sdl2 as default driver
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERforce stub system driver for headless mode
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix stub system driver and some warnings
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix android
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix regresion: holmes with sdl2
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix regression: check gl extensions
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERadd joysticks for sdl 1.2
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERrevive sdl2 system driver
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix inf loop in GetLines on game start
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix 16-bit wav sounds on big-endian machines
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix link libraries on osx
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERadd cvars that allows window resizing
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERread dfconfig.cfg before init
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERimprove text input
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix network on big-endian machines
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERadd text input for SDL 1.2
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERsound stub driver: disable error messages in log
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERvampimg endianess fixes
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERfix building for osx
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERadd stub sound driver
2019-10-13 DeaDDooMERimplement SDL1.2 system driver
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darknet: tried to spawn a "real" player only after it reque...
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darknet: better masterserver communication
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darkgame: create/refresh hash databases only when the game...
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darkmap: look for replacement resource wads only for networ...
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darknet: game: better hash management; calculate resource...
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darkutils: added `GetDiskFileInfo()` function
2019-10-13 Ketmar Darknet: some useless code motion and small cleanups in...
2019-10-12 Ketmar Darknet: append part of md5 file hash to downloaded wads...
2019-10-12 Ketmar Darkgame: net: use hash database to quickly find wad by...