2020-05-17 DeaDDooMERsdl2: fix hack for menus on android master
2020-05-02 fgsfdswhitelist a bunch of shit
2020-04-30 DeaDDooMERal: fix build with sdl 1.2
2020-04-26 fgsfdsgame: clean up TPlayer.GetRespawnPoint()
2020-04-24 fgsfdsgame: g_FatalError actually ends the game
2020-04-22 Stas'MGame: Assign gsGameFlags where it's missing
2020-03-21 fgsfdsscale option is now a capped switch
2020-03-17 fgsfdsnet: cancel interpolation of teleported players
2020-03-15 Stas'MPlayer: Propagate valid SpawnerUID for corpse kills
2020-03-15 fgsfdsupdate README
2020-03-15 fgsfdsnet: only flush packets after an actual frame; remember...
2020-03-14 Stas'MNetmaster: Additional check for server name in ping...
2020-03-14 Stas'MNet: Add sanity checks. Forward ports only after host...
2020-03-14 Stas'MNet: Report actual server port in ping response
2020-03-12 fgsfdsAL: remove debug print
2020-03-12 fgsfdsAL: update streams in a separate thread
2020-03-12 fgsfdsdraw talkbubble above the player corpse when necessary
2020-03-11 fgsfdscorpse following is now done by the camera instead...
2020-03-11 fgsfdswas this even necessary?
2020-03-11 fgsfdsdon't interpolate during endgame fadeout
2020-03-11 fgsfdsmove NilThreadId to utils
2020-03-11 fgsfdsAL: add GME music loader
2020-03-10 fgsfdssimplify TSoundLoader interface
2020-03-06 fgsfdsdecouple repainting from blitting the FBO; draw touch...
2020-03-06 fgsfdsnetwork now always ticks at 36 tick
2020-03-04 fgsfdsattempt to unfuck serverlist
2020-03-04 fgsfdsput network interp back in
2020-03-04 fgsfdsRevert "purge cl_interp from the code"
2020-03-03 fgsfdspurge cl_interp from the code
2020-03-03 fgsfdsadd r_interp to video settings menu
2020-03-03 fgsfdssave r_maxfps to the config
2020-03-03 fgsfdsfix slope interpolation; add r_maxfps
2020-03-02 fgsfdsadded actor rendering interpolation; fixed vsync on... plavnota
2020-03-01 fgsfdsoh god damn it
2020-03-01 fgsfdsbetter set this to -1
2020-03-01 fgsfdsalways search for new state slots
2020-03-01 fgsfdsmore survival bullshit: state recall, MC+NM warmup fix
2020-03-01 fgsfdshost can't spawn during an LMS round anymore
2020-03-01 fgsfdsfix (?) survival spectator; add space after comma in...
2020-02-27 fgsfdsdon't let SP games reset warmup time
2020-02-27 fgsfdswhoops
2020-02-27 fgsfdsgeneralize warmup stuff
2020-02-27 fgsfdsalways respawn all items during warmup
2020-02-27 fgsfdsdon't hit monsters on the client when it's warmup time
2020-02-27 fgsfdsreset warmup time instead of adding 1 second when no...
2020-02-27 fgsfdsremove stray printf
2020-02-27 fgsfdssurvival/lms fixes
2020-02-27 fgsfdsadded sv_public to config
2020-02-26 fgsfdsadd glGetError to nogl
2020-02-25 fgsfdsrebuild the FBO from scratch when RBO is not supported
2020-02-25 fgsfdscheck FBO status and fall back to no-fbo if something...
2020-02-24 fgsfdsnuke doom2df.cfg; refactor some cvar-related stuff
2020-02-24 fgsfdsunforward correct ping port
2020-02-24 fgsfdsclean up GameCVars; add sv_forwardports
2020-02-24 fgsfdsclean up GameCVars
2020-02-24 fgsfdsadd p?_model commands; clean up p?_color and p?_name
2020-02-24 fgsfdsnuke g_respawn_items
2020-02-19 fgsfdsfix SDL1 build
2020-02-19 fgsfdsSDL: separated GL loading code
2020-02-19 fgsfdsadjusted color filter colors
2020-02-19 fgsfdsBlendMode.Filter is now a proper filter
2020-02-18 fgsfdsdefault to using FBO; can be disabled via command line
2020-02-18 fgsfdsdisable weird texture size fix; render FBO by hand
2020-02-18 fgsfdsalways try to load FBO extensions in case user enables...
2020-02-18 fgsfdsGUI: play scroll sound when using switches
2020-02-18 fgsfdsSDL2: set window position properly; always center when...
2020-02-17 fgsfdsfix freeze when running out of bot names
2020-02-14 fgsfdsthanks git, very cool
2020-02-14 fgsfdsadd png2map sources
2020-02-10 fgsfdsproperly check for FBO support; add OES_framebuffer_obj...
2020-02-10 fgsfdsfix GLES1 builds?
2020-02-10 fgsfdsproperly grey out the dmkeys menu option
2020-02-10 fgsfdstemp fix headless builds
2020-02-10 fgsfdsadded optional framebuffer and resolution scaling
2020-02-09 fgsfdsfix weaponstay when item respawn is off
2020-02-09 fgsfdswhitelist new cvars
2020-02-09 fgsfdsfix playerstats netmessage; zero gTime before spawning...
2020-02-09 fgsfdsadded dmkeys option to the menu
2020-02-09 fgsfdsalways calculate c and d in camera stuff
2020-02-09 fgsfdsunscrew the camera handling (hopefully, scaled is still...
2020-02-09 fgsfdsthat camera fix was not a fix
2020-02-09 fgsfdsadd 'respawn items' flag
2020-02-08 fgsfdsfix host error message
2020-02-08 fgsfdsadded centerprint command
2020-02-08 fgsfdsonly save stats when there's multiple players present
2020-02-08 fgsfdsoops; don't drop keys when dmkeys is 1
2020-02-08 fgsfdsfixed looking up/down in tight spaces with r_scale...
2020-02-08 fgsfdsadd spawn invulnerability; add option to disable all...
2020-02-06 fgsfdsupdate year in credits (extremely important)
2020-02-06 fgsfdsadd command line arg to choose different game.wad ...
2019-12-24 fgsfdsescape strings in stat files
2019-12-23 fgsfdsRemove useless arg from g_TakeScreenshot()
2019-12-23 fgsfdsGame: Add CSV stats and inter screenshots
2019-12-13 DeaDDooMERRevert "Revert "superminigun is using shells, not bulle...
2019-12-09 DeaDDooMERfix 16/32 bit and float wav formats for openal
2019-12-02 DeaDDooMERfix building with holmes on osx
2019-12-01 DeaDDooMERfix sdlmixer on bigendian machines (i hope fully)
2019-12-01 DeaDDooMERremove x11 dependency on osx+sdl2
2019-12-01 DeaDDooMERfix SDL2 for osx-ppc
2019-11-25 DeaDDooMERfix split screen for default megawad