To clone one of these trees using Git:
  git clone git:// + project path.
  git clone + project path.
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Project Description Owner Last Change
cavedroid.git 2D Minecraft clone for Android... fred-boy 8 weeks ago
d2df-sdl.git [MIRROR] a port of Doom 2D... DeaDDooMER 8 months ago
DF-Res.git [MIRROR] Main resources data... DeaDDooMER 8 months ago
d2df-editor.git [MIRROR] Doom2DF editor ported... DeaDDooMER 8 months ago
flatwaifu.git portable version of Doom2D... DeaDDooMER 2 years ago
bmbb.git Bare Metal BlackBox 1.7.1... DeaDDooMER 3 years ago
cpc.git A command line Component Pasca... DeaDDooMER 3 years ago
odcread.git [FORK] Library/program to... DeaDDooMER 4 years ago
mp2df.git D2DMP to D2DF map converter DeaDDooMER 4 years ago
bbcp.git [FORK] BlackBox Cross-Platform... DeaDDooMER 5 years ago
bbdiff.git Diffutils for BlackBox! (Beta) DeaDDooMER 5 years ago
cavecraft.git Mobile Minecraft Clone DeaDDooMER 5 years ago
nanogl.git [FORK] nanogl for android... DeaDDooMER 6 years ago
bb-sdl2-gl.git SDL2 and modern OpenGL for... DeaDDooMER 6 years ago
dsw-obn.git Another attempt to make Oberon... DeaDDooMER 6 years ago
awtools.git Another World Tools DeaDDooMER 7 years ago
netwar.git Network spacewar! clone DeaDDooMER 7 years ago
mp3cc.git [FORK] Midlet Pascal Compiler DeaDDooMER 7 years ago
LongFlight.git A simple J2ME scroller Pavel Shuvalov 7 years ago
Lib_rms.git Lib_rms is a MIDlet Pascal... Pavel Shuvalov 8 years ago
gpcp-linux.git [FORK] Old GPCP with patches DeaDDooMER 8 years ago