description[MIRROR] a port of Doom 2D Forever to FPC/SDL
last changeSun, 17 May 2020 14:28:26 +0000 (17:28 +0300)
2020-05-17 DeaDDooMERsdl2: fix hack for menus on android master
2020-05-02 fgsfdswhitelist a bunch of shit
2020-04-30 DeaDDooMERal: fix build with sdl 1.2
2020-04-26 fgsfdsgame: clean up TPlayer.GetRespawnPoint()
2020-04-24 fgsfdsgame: g_FatalError actually ends the game
2020-04-22 Stas'MGame: Assign gsGameFlags where it's missing
2020-03-21 fgsfdsscale option is now a capped switch
2020-03-17 fgsfdsnet: cancel interpolation of teleported players
2020-03-15 Stas'MPlayer: Propagate valid SpawnerUID for corpse kills
2020-03-15 fgsfdsupdate README
2020-03-15 fgsfdsnet: only flush packets after an actual frame; remember...
2020-03-14 Stas'MNetmaster: Additional check for server name in ping...
2020-03-14 Stas'MNet: Add sanity checks. Forward ports only after host...
2020-03-14 Stas'MNet: Report actual server port in ping response
2020-03-12 fgsfdsAL: remove debug print
2020-03-12 fgsfdsAL: update streams in a separate thread
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