2020-08-19 DeaDDooMERKernel: initialize fpu only if it exists master
2020-08-09 DeaDDooMERKernel: do not use fpu ops in Kernel
2020-08-09 DeaDDooMERInit: disable mouse driver
2020-08-09 DeaDDooMERInit: use HostShell if no one graphics video mode
2020-08-09 DeaDDooMERDrvVesa: do not trap if not possible to get bios font
2020-08-09 DeaDDooMERboot0: generate memory map for first 1Mb with older...
2020-08-05 DeaDDooMERboot0: add alternative method to get memory size for...
2018-12-27 DeaDDooMERall input work through SysInput module
2018-12-26 DeaDDooMERadded ps/2 mouse driver
2018-12-25 DeaDDooMERimplemented buffering in HostPorts, fixed allocation...
2018-12-24 DeaDDooMERAdded HostPorts and HostFonts
2018-12-22 DeaDDooMERTest fonts
2018-12-22 DeaDDooMERAdded VESA driver
2018-12-20 DeaDDooMERimplemented int86, so we can call bios services from...
2018-12-20 DeaDDooMERAdded page allocation
2018-12-18 DeaDDooMERDrivers moved to Sys/Drv subsystems
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERLinkerBin now generate code that initialize section...
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERAdded HostConsole
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERUpdate readme
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERCrosscompiler tools moved to subsystem Dev486
2018-09-13 DeaDDooMERAdded CommV24 implementation (not tested)
2018-08-21 DeaDDooMERFix loop on real hardware, but seems disk is dadly...
2018-08-20 DeaDDooMERFix memory manager init, so now it works on more hardwa...
2018-08-18 DeaDDooMERNow it possible to mount Minix fs on bmbb
2018-08-17 DeaDDooMERNow A20 line works
2018-08-17 DeaDDooMERAdded simple ATA PIO read only driver
2018-06-29 DeaDDooMERAdded read-only Minix FS implementation on base module...
2018-06-27 DeaDDooMERUpdated documentation
2018-06-27 DeaDDooMERInitial Bare Metal BlackBox Prototype