descriptionBare Metal BlackBox 1.7.1 - a BlackBox implementation that works on top of bare x86 PC without any host OS.
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Bare Metal BlackBox

BlackBox Component Builder ported to bare x86 PC and runs without any host os.

Project goals:
- Make BlackBox to be fully independent environment;
- Make BlackBox easy to port to other os;
- Learn BlackBox internals and possibly port it to new architectures.


* GNU/Linux or any other *nix
* BlackBox 1.7.1
* GNU Binutils
* Wine
* Qemu

Firstly copy files from this repo to clean BlackBox 1.7.1 environment.
See [ ].
Than just sequentially execute commanders from Docu486/Build-Tool.odc.

Current state
Currently BMBB in early alpha stage. It can boot on hardware that have at least
16 MiB Ram. Kernel implements everything exept coroutine support procedures.
Currently graphics not supported, but implemented simple textmode shell based
on StdInterpreter. Host subsystem mostly not implemented.

You can call Init.WinterWrapUp and enjoy music on you pc speaker. :)

Implemented drivers:
* PS/2 Keyboard
* PC Speaker
* Minix File System (Read Only)
* VGA Text Mode (Temporary in Kernel)
* Serial (Kernel logging)
* Serial (CommV24, Not Tested)

* Page allocator
* VGA/VESA driver
* Mouse driver
* PCI support
* Networking
* Writable file system
* Full Host implementation
* System-independent controls

Press Pause/Break to interrupt executed command.
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERLinkerBin now generate code that initialize section... master
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERAdded HostConsole
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERUpdate readme
2018-09-25 DeaDDooMERCrosscompiler tools moved to subsystem Dev486
2018-09-13 DeaDDooMERAdded CommV24 implementation (not tested)
2018-08-21 DeaDDooMERFix loop on real hardware, but seems disk is dadly...
2018-08-20 DeaDDooMERFix memory manager init, so now it works on more hardwa...
2018-08-18 DeaDDooMERNow it possible to mount Minix fs on bmbb
2018-08-17 DeaDDooMERNow A20 line works
2018-08-17 DeaDDooMERAdded simple ATA PIO read only driver
2018-06-29 DeaDDooMERAdded read-only Minix FS implementation on base module...
2018-06-27 DeaDDooMERUpdated documentation
2018-06-27 DeaDDooMERInitial Bare Metal BlackBox Prototype
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