descriptionBare Metal BlackBox 1.7.1 - a BlackBox implementation that works on top of bare x86 PC without any host OS.
last changeThu, 13 Sep 2018 21:49:07 +0000 (00:49 +0300)
8 days ago DeaDDooMERAdded CommV24 implementation (not tested) master
2018-08-21 DeaDDooMERFix loop on real hardware, but seems disk is dadly...
2018-08-20 DeaDDooMERFix memory manager init, so now it works on more hardwa...
2018-08-18 DeaDDooMERNow it possible to mount Minix fs on bmbb
2018-08-17 DeaDDooMERNow A20 line works
2018-08-17 DeaDDooMERAdded simple ATA PIO read only driver
2018-06-29 DeaDDooMERAdded read-only Minix FS implementation on base module...
2018-06-27 DeaDDooMERUpdated documentation
2018-06-27 DeaDDooMERInitial Bare Metal BlackBox Prototype
8 days ago master
5 weeks ago minix_rw