description[MIRROR] Doom2DF editor ported to FPC/Lazarus
last changeSun, 31 Jul 2022 11:03:16 +0000 (14:03 +0300)
2022-07-31 DeaDDooMERres: fix file rename master
2021-06-15 TerminalHashOops, blind foxes attacks!
2021-06-15 TerminalHashfpc 3.2 fixes and rpm spec.
2019-12-13 DeaDDooMERfix invalid value for TRIGGER_MUSIC.action
2019-12-07 DeaDDooMERsave temp wad with ext from opened wad
2019-12-05 DeaDDooMERadd build info
2019-12-05 DeaDDooMERcopy map resources before test map
2019-12-02 DeaDDooMERalways save temp map before test
2019-12-02 Joseph StalinImplemented Middle Mouse Button panning
2019-12-02 DeaDDooMERallow to open any wad type from recent files
2019-12-01 Joseph StalinAdd more formats to Map Open/Save/Pack dialogs
2019-11-30 Joseph StalinDarken everything beyond map borders
2019-11-30 DeaDDooMERmore portable texture/sky preview
2019-11-29 Joseph StalinSome improvements to grid and navigation
2019-09-17 Ketmar Darkchanged license to GPLv3 only; sorry, no trust to FSF...
2019-08-05 fgsfdswhoops, how did this work before
2 months ago master