2021-06-15 TerminalHashOops, blind foxes attacks! master
2021-06-15 TerminalHashfpc 3.2 fixes and rpm spec.
2019-12-13 DeaDDooMERfix invalid value for TRIGGER_MUSIC.action
2019-12-07 DeaDDooMERsave temp wad with ext from opened wad
2019-12-05 DeaDDooMERadd build info
2019-12-05 DeaDDooMERcopy map resources before test map
2019-12-02 DeaDDooMERalways save temp map before test
2019-12-02 Joseph StalinImplemented Middle Mouse Button panning
2019-12-02 DeaDDooMERallow to open any wad type from recent files
2019-12-01 Joseph StalinAdd more formats to Map Open/Save/Pack dialogs
2019-11-30 Joseph StalinDarken everything beyond map borders
2019-11-30 DeaDDooMERmore portable texture/sky preview
2019-11-29 Joseph StalinSome improvements to grid and navigation
2019-09-17 Ketmar Darkchanged license to GPLv3 only; sorry, no trust to FSF...
2019-08-05 fgsfdswhoops, how did this work before
2019-08-05 fgsfdsTriggers: Add DamageKind to TRIGGER_DAMAGE
2019-08-02 DeaDDooMERfix map test settings interface (by Joseph Stalin)
2019-07-21 DeaDDooMERadd command line passing for map test
2019-07-21 DeaDDooMERfix map test on linux
2019-07-17 DeaDDooMERfix map options on win32
2019-07-07 DeaDDooMERfix contour size and color
2019-07-07 DeaDDooMERAdd contours
2019-06-10 DeaDDooMERfixed sky changing
2019-06-10 DeaDDooMERfixed sky preview and selection
2019-03-04 DeaDDooMERshow heap dump only when leaks are detected
2019-02-20 DeaDDooMERTry to fix file deletion
2019-01-27 Stas'MMain: Fixup encoding inconsistences
2019-01-16 DeaDDooMERAdded new optios(thanks GranMinigun!), added .dfz exten...
2019-01-06 DeaDDooMERmore zip related fixes for packmap
2019-01-05 DeaDDooMERfix packmap on win32
2019-01-05 DeaDDooMERfix file rewrite on win32
2019-01-05 DeaDDooMERFix error file not open on win32; Added stacktrace...
2019-01-05 Joseph StalinAdded "Flame" type for Turret trigger
2019-01-04 DeaDDooMERPackmap works with zip files
2019-01-03 DeaDDooMERMaps can be saved to zip
2018-12-17 DeaDDooMEREditor still case-sensitive, so file names changed...
2018-10-06 Stas'MMovement: Improve and simplify WASD control
2018-10-06 Stas'MMovement: Implement WASD selection
2018-10-05 DeaDDooMERFix locks again
2018-10-03 DeaDDooMERFixed wad file locking
2018-09-19 DeaDDooMERNow PackMap can read zip
2018-09-18 DeaDDooMERAdded SFS support (resource wads only) (#4)
2018-05-23 Stas'MMap: Jetpack have animated texture now
2018-05-23 Stas'MShared: Import toLowerCase1251 function and use it
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Fix trigger turret properties bug
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Update selected objects on delete
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Count selected objects in status bar
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Add Ctrl+Alt switch for object range selection
2018-05-20 Stas'MMap: Add rect alpha settings for monsters and areas
2018-05-20 Stas'MLanguage: Add missing translation for grid dot size
2018-05-12 DeaDDooMERFix texture preview on Linux
2018-05-11 DeaDDooMERFix build
2017-10-03 Dmitry D. ChernovSet VersionInfo/ProductVersion in the project options
2017-10-02 Dmitry D. ChernovTwo small additional fixes for Lazarus
2017-09-30 binarymasterAdd Texture: Show texture/animation stats
2017-09-30 binarymasterMain: Implement fast panel/trigger painting
2017-09-30 binarymasterMovement: Get proper mouse position
2017-09-30 binarymasterMenu: Add map reopen feature
2017-09-30 binarymasterClipboard: Add relative and absolute paste mode
2017-09-30 binarymasterClipboard: Paste unaccessible textures
2017-09-30 binarymasterPreview: Make checkerboard optional
2017-09-30 Dmitry D. ChernovSome style fixes in the property editor to make it...
2017-09-29 binarymasterMain: Allow drop files
2017-09-29 binarymasterMovement: Implement WASD move/resize
2017-09-29 binarymasterMap: Add fast preview feature
2017-09-29 binarymasterForms: Fix tab order
2017-09-29 binarymasterMain: Proper captions for map selector
2017-09-29 binarymasterMain: Epic encoding and other bugs megafix!
2017-09-29 Dmitry D. ChernovFix some interface strings
2017-09-29 Dmitry D. ChernovConvert forms resources from Delphi to Lazarus format
2017-09-28 binarymasterMain: Prompt to remove file from recent list
2017-09-28 Dmitry D. ChernovShow vertical scrollbar in the options panel only if...
2017-09-28 Dmitry D. ChernovAdd Debug/Release build modes
2017-09-28 Dmitry D. ChernovSet Delphi-like default exception handler (without...
2017-09-28 Dmitry D. ChernovDisable bugged Lazarus auto management for the main...
2017-09-28 Dmitry D. ChernovMove info from the pre-compiled resource file to the...
2017-09-28 binarymasterAddResource: Fix non-ANSI encoding
2017-09-28 binarymasterMain: Fix map name encoding in title bar
2017-09-27 fgsfdsturn off manifest generation because it regenerates...
2017-09-27 binarymasterResources: Add version and main icon
2017-09-27 fgsfdsenable XP manifest generation
2017-09-27 binarymasterMain: Specify test map to override base map
2017-09-26 binarymasterMain: Fix drawing texture list items
2017-09-26 binarymasterMain: Use TProcessUTF8 to start the test
2017-09-26 binarymasterCleanup: Eliminate warnings and hints
2017-09-26 binarymasterResources: Add manifest for XP themes support
2017-09-26 binarymasterMain: Save coords only when not maximized
2017-09-25 binarymasterMain: Load empty sky on full clear
2017-09-25 binarymasterMain: Update render viewport on preview
2017-09-25 binarymasterMain: Load and save window position and size
2017-09-05 fgsfdsdraw checkers instead of pink shit
2017-09-05 fgsfdssky preview now also uses vampimg; now freeing vamp...
2017-09-05 fgsfdshackfix translucent texture preview; editor can now...
2017-08-30 fgsfdsfixed wadeditor; added nosound mode; fixed codepage...
2017-08-25 Ketmar Darkchanged some backslashes to forward slashes
2017-08-12 binarymasterItems: Add flamethrower and fuel canister
2017-03-02 binarymastertrigger turret: add aim modes
2016-12-21 FGSFDSFGSadded preview background
2016-12-21 FGSFDSFGSremoved gitignore
2016-12-21 FGSFDSFGShopefully no more windows