2020-08-04 DeaDDooMERcpmake: fix open source out of any subsystem master
2020-08-04 DeaDDooMERcpmake: read target-specific library replacements from...
2020-08-04 DeaDDooMERcpmake: pass library list to build and link scripts
2020-07-20 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add options for bootstrapping
2020-07-20 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add option to define selectors from command...
2020-07-20 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add option to generate symbol files only
2020-07-20 DeaDDooMERcpmake: pass more info to build script
2020-07-20 DeaDDooMERDevCPR: mark when condition compilation used
2020-07-19 DeaDDooMERcpmake: execute external scripts that execute compiler...
2020-07-19 DeaDDooMERDswHostProcs: fix argument passing again
2020-06-29 DeaDDooMERKernel: fix memory allocation on target powerpc-cpfront-osx
2020-03-08 DeaDDooMERDev: extremely reduce size of compiled DevCPT
2020-03-08 DeaDDooMERDswHostProcs: hack-fix for cpfront
2020-03-08 DeaDDooMERKernel: fix kernels compilation and processor types
2020-03-08 DeaDDooMERCPfront: sync with latest CPfrot (c7af720)
2020-03-08 DeaDDooMERDev: sync with bbcp/blackbox 1.7.2
2020-02-25 DeaDDooMERcpmake: make commonly used options shorter with help...
2020-02-25 DeaDDooMERcpmake: fix preprocessor selector handling
2020-02-25 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add more info options
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: allow custom search pathes
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: find compiler/linker executable using DswProcs...
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERDswProcs: add function Directory.GetPath
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: disable stack trace on user interrupt by default
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: print errors through procedure Error
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: read module fully
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add hand-link mode (default behavior)
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: pass target related preprocessor selectors...
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add version printing
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add more options
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERcpmake: add target-specific options (compiler/processor...
2020-02-24 DeaDDooMERclear old string after DswOpts.GetOpt
2020-02-15 DeaDDooMERcpmake: rewrite module depth detection
2020-02-14 DeaDDooMERremove generic parser from DswOpts
2020-02-13 DeaDDooMERadd utility cpmake
2020-02-06 DeaDDooMERmove plain text loading to DswDocuments
2020-02-05 DeaDDooMERfix allocation arrays of untagged pointers
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERexpressions interpreted in lazy mode
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERfix directive/expression interpretation in false blocks
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERfix char reading after preprocessor comment
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERfix possible trap with directive NEW
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERextend NEW syntax
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERreimplenet DEFINED as operator
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERadd ERROR directive
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERadd function DEFINED to preprocessor
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERadd preprocesor for condition compilation
2019-12-08 DeaDDooMERadd osx-ppc support via cpfront
2019-11-21 DeaDDooMERsync with mainstream CPfront (14c6ba1->1b426ec)
2019-08-28 DeaDDooMERadd tcc support
2019-08-28 DeaDDooMERadd clang support
2019-08-03 DeaDDooMERfix c89 support
2019-08-03 DeaDDooMERremove SYSTEM_ADDRESS from SYSTEM.h
2019-08-03 DeaDDooMERimproved syntax error detecting on procedure declaration
2019-07-30 DeaDDooMERfix trap handling
2019-07-30 DeaDDooMERmake common posix bindings
2019-07-29 DeaDDooMERadd SYSTEM.CONV
2019-07-29 DeaDDooMERreplace SYSTEM.ADDRESS with SYSTEM.INTADR
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERupdate build scripts
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERerrors and warnings marked explicitly
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERfix loop when use SYSTEM.ADDRESS with CPfront
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERfix pass record/array by value
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERadd libffi bindingss for ARM
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERincrement version
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERimplement Kernel.Call for CPfront using libffi
2019-07-27 DeaDDooMERreturn Kernel.Call implementation for native 486
2019-07-27 DeaDDooMERremove Kernel duplicate
2019-07-26 DeaDDooMERfix use SYSTEM.PTR in signatures
2019-07-26 DeaDDooMERadd Meta for CPfront
2019-07-26 DeaDDooMERfix Kernel compilation with cpfront
2019-07-25 DeaDDooMERimprove cpfront compatibility with blackbox 1.6+ metadata
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERupdate crux package v0.2
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERupdate docu
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERforce to overwrite signature
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERupdate
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERadd option -no-use-time
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERadd option -version
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERdisable stack trace after user interrupt
2019-07-01 DeaDDooMERadded Meta for native compiler
2019-06-22 DeaDDooMERadded type SYSTEM.ADDRESS
2019-06-21 DeaDDooMERadded cygwin support (only via cpfront)
2019-06-18 DeaDDooMERadded arm support via cpfront
2019-06-17 DeaDDooMERremoved Kernel from generic directory for native+linux
2019-06-17 DeaDDooMERremoved malloc/free from Kernel
2019-06-16 DeaDDooMERAdded workaround that fixes field renaming for CPfront
2019-06-16 DeaDDooMERsubsystem C99 renamed to PosixC
2019-06-16 DeaDDooMERupdated
2019-06-16 DeaDDooMERfix possible traps while HostLang initialization
2019-06-16 DeaDDooMERadded conversion modes in HostLang
2019-06-15 DeaDDooMERflush called only for exclusive-mode files
2019-06-15 DeaDDooMERfixed file closing on program termination
2019-06-15 DeaDDooMERupdated build scripts
2019-06-09 DeaDDooMERfirst cpc release v0.1