cpmake: fix preprocessor selector handling
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2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERexpressions interpreted in lazy mode
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERfix directive/expression interpretation in false blocks
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERfix char reading after preprocessor comment
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERfix possible trap with directive NEW
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERextend NEW syntax
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERreimplenet DEFINED as operator
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERadd ERROR directive
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERadd function DEFINED to preprocessor
2019-12-14 DeaDDooMERadd preprocesor for condition compilation
2019-08-03 DeaDDooMERimproved syntax error detecting on procedure declaration
2019-07-29 DeaDDooMERadd SYSTEM.CONV
2019-07-29 DeaDDooMERreplace SYSTEM.ADDRESS with SYSTEM.INTADR
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERerrors and warnings marked explicitly
2019-07-28 DeaDDooMERfix loop when use SYSTEM.ADDRESS with CPfront
2019-07-22 DeaDDooMERadd option -no-use-time
2019-06-22 DeaDDooMERadded type SYSTEM.ADDRESS
2019-06-16 DeaDDooMERAdded workaround that fixes field renaming for CPfront
2019-06-09 DeaDDooMERfirst cpc release v0.1