To clone one of these trees using Git:
  git clone git:// + project path.
  git clone + project path.
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Project Description Owner Last Change
netwar.git Network spacewar! clone DeaDDooMER 4 years ago
bmbb.git Bare Metal BlackBox 1.7.1... DeaDDooMER 15 months ago
flatwaifu.git portable version of Doom2D... DeaDDooMER 18 months ago
mp2df.git D2DMP to D2DF map converter DeaDDooMER 19 months ago
odcread.git [FORK] Library/program to... DeaDDooMER 17 months ago
cpc.git A command line Component Pasca... DeaDDooMER 15 months ago
bb-sdl2-gl.git SDL2 and modern OpenGL for... DeaDDooMER 3 years ago
nanogl.git [FORK] nanogl for android... DeaDDooMER 3 years ago
bbcp.git [FORK] BlackBox Cross-Platform... DeaDDooMER 2 years ago
cavecraft.git Mobile Minecraft Clone DeaDDooMER 2 years ago
d2df-sdl.git [MIRROR] a port of Doom 2D... DeaDDooMER 8 weeks ago
d2df-editor.git [MIRROR] Doom2DF editor ported... DeaDDooMER 5 months ago
gpcp-linux.git [FORK] Old GPCP with patches DeaDDooMER 6 years ago
mp3cc.git [FORK] Midlet Pascal Compiler DeaDDooMER 4 years ago
dsw-obn.git Another attempt to make Oberon... DeaDDooMER 4 years ago
awtools.git Another World Tools DeaDDooMER 4 years ago
DF-Res.git [MIRROR] Main resources data... DeaDDooMER 5 months ago
bbdiff.git Diffutils for BlackBox! (Beta) DeaDDooMER 2 years ago
Lib_rms.git Lib_rms is a MIDlet Pascal... Pavel Shuvalov 6 years ago
LongFlight.git A simple J2ME scroller Pavel Shuvalov 5 years ago
cavedroid.git 2D Minecraft clone for Android... fred-boy 17 months ago