2020-06-29 DeaDDooMERfix gcc 4.0 master
2018-08-18 DeaDDooMERFix if(x=y). Added CC variable to makefile.
2018-08-18 DeaDDooMERNow it read stdin if no file specifed. Also fixed segfa...
2015-01-18 Gert van ValkenhoefAdd License to README
2011-11-16 Gert van ValkenhoefRemove unused file
2011-11-16 Gert van ValkenhoefSplit store
2011-11-16 Gert van Valkenhoefgitignore
2011-11-16 Gert van ValkenhoefSplit up fold
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefCleaner clean
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefRename .ih files to module.ih for simplicity
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefPrecompile .ih files and cache dependencies based on...
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefAdd comment and TODO to Makefile
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefReader split into files
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefSplit Alien module into files
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefMove endian-ness detection into Reader class
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefGet rid of per-module -I
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefOrganize into directories (to split up .cc files later)
2011-11-15 Gert van ValkenhoefMakefile: proper dependency management
2011-11-14 Gert van ValkenhoefClean up and unify encoding conversions
2011-11-14 Gert van ValkenhoefFinally found out how 16 bit chars are encoded
2011-11-14 Gert van ValkenhoefProperly detect locale's charset
2011-11-14 Gert van ValkenhoefFix 16-bit string handling -- still don't know the...
2011-11-13 Gert van ValkenhoefTry to use character conversion
2011-11-13 Gert van ValkenhoefTesting odcread against a bunch of existing .odc files
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefFix unnecessary throw
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefAdd README
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefDocument reader.h and some cleanup of
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefDocument method in Visitor
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefImprove internalize() of StdTextModel for readability
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefDocument fold.h and textmodel.h, and add a destructor
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefDocumentation for alien.h
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefRemove Domain class - unused
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefDocumentation for store.h
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefReduce boilerplate for BlackBox Types and add some...
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefUpdate handling of multi-byte strings
2011-11-09 Gert van ValkenhoefUse STL stack instead of vector.
2011-11-08 Gert van ValkenhoefCompletely convert .odc to .txt using Visitor
2011-11-08 Gert van ValkenhoefAlmost-correct toPlainText
2011-11-07 Gert van ValkenhoefFold toString()
2011-11-07 Gert van ValkenhoefRead folds
2011-11-07 Gert van ValkenhoefFold reading (partial)
2011-11-07 Gert van ValkenhoefDisable debug output, read TextPieces into memory
2011-08-17 Gert van ValkenhoefDump TextModel ShortChar contents to std::cout (appear...
2011-08-12 Gert van ValkenhoefRead NIL stores correctly
2011-08-12 Gert van ValkenhoefShow internal structure of StdTextModel
2011-08-10 Gert van ValkenhoefBla
2011-08-10 Gert van ValkenhoefSuccessful read of StdTextModel (including actual text)
2011-08-10 Gert van ValkenhoefAdd some error handling, close to understanding StdText...
2011-08-10 Gert van Valkenhoefsmall fix
2011-08-09 Gert van ValkenhoefAdd type handling (disabled until StdTextModel.internal...
2011-08-09 Gert van ValkenhoefConvert typepaths from SHORTCHAR** to TypePath class
2011-08-09 Gert van ValkenhoefFix SEGFAULT
2011-08-09 Gert van ValkenhoefSolve oldType path lookup, found SEGFAULT
2011-08-08 Gert van ValkenhoefCan now read entire "empty" document as Alien
2011-08-06 Gert van ValkenhoefModularize, some progress toward reading stores
2011-08-05 Gert van ValkenhoefFirst tiny steps to implementing Oberon Compound Docume...