2018-02-20 DeaDDooMERglIsEnabled uses interanl structures, added glPushAttri... master
2018-02-20 DeaDDooMERAdded glIsEnabled
2018-02-13 Alibek OmarovFix build
2017-11-20 Alibek Omarov... Implement stencil funcs
2017-10-20 mittornApply glColor when disabling color array
2017-08-19 mittornFix crash with null texture
2017-08-17 mittornRemove dangerous type changes, add missing functions
2017-08-08 mittornRemove stupid gles bug hacks
2017-06-19 mittornChange getProcAddress search order
2017-06-18 mittornRewrite nanoGL initialization
2017-06-18 mittornMerge branch 'stupidglesbug-fix' of https://github...
2017-06-17 mittornAdd VBO support stupidglesbug-fix
2016-11-16 a1batrossMerge glLight changes. Thanks, Rikku2000!
2016-11-04 a1batrossWorkaround Stupid GLES blending bug
2016-11-04 a1batrossReformat with clang-format. Nothing useful
2016-11-04 a1batrossAdd clang format
2016-09-18 mittornFix build
2016-08-10 mittornMerge pull request #4 from FWGS/xashxt
2016-07-25 mittornFix arrays overflow by check in glEnd, add missing... xashxt
2016-07-24 mittornMake XashXT renderer work
2016-07-24 mittornFix mistake
2016-07-24 mittornImplement some wrappers for xashxt
2016-06-16 mittornUse SDL for GetProcAddress
2016-06-03 mittornWindows and core profile support
2016-05-12 mittornAdd some checks
2016-04-02 a1batrossRevert "fix glGetError"
2016-03-14 Alexeyfix glGetError unstable
2015-08-28 Alibek OmarovMerge pull request #3 from mittorn/master
2015-08-26 mittornGlobal config
2015-08-18 mittornMerge pull request #2 from SDLash3D/hardfloat
2015-08-12 mittornMerge branch 'hardfloat' of hardfloat
2015-08-12 mittornUpdate
2015-08-11 Alibek OmarovMerge pull request #1 from mittorn/hardfloat
2015-06-16 mittornPut aapcs attributes under SOFTFP_LINK macro
2015-06-14 mittornFix hard-float build
2015-06-11 mittornAdd some functions to nanogl.h interface
2015-05-24 mittornAdd CFLAGS_OPT check
2015-05-19 Alibek OmarovChanges to NanoGL by Emile Belanger
2015-04-17 Alibek OmarovExtend array vertexattribs
2015-04-05 Alibek OmarovMake NanoGL compiling statically. Again.
2015-04-05 EXLFix undefined reference to '__android_log_print' build...
2015-03-22 Alibek OmarovInclude string.h
2015-03-22 Alibek OmarovUse printf instead of __android_log_print on non-androi...
2015-03-22 Alibek OmarovBuild a shared library instead of static
2015-03-22 NicknekitInitial version