2020-05-15 DeaDDooMERgl: fix trap on emscripten renders
2020-05-15 DeaDDooMERbuild: fix emscripten
2020-05-15 DeaDDooMERlinux: fix build
2020-05-13 DeaDDooMERopenal: fix incompatible pointer type
2020-05-13 DeaDDooMERchange project name
2020-05-13 DeaDDooMERbump gpl version
2020-05-13 DeaDDooMERsave: change save directory on nix
2020-05-13 DeaDDooMERremove music from repo
2020-05-13 DeaDDooMERupdate copyrights
2020-04-29 DeaDDooMERmenu: remove data field from menu_t
2020-04-29 DeaDDooMERstub: fix stub render
2020-04-24 DeaDDooMERsound: move sound/music configuration to sound driver
2020-04-24 DeaDDooMERmap: move map loading to separate file
2020-04-22 DeaDDooMERmenu: fix menus with disabled assertions
2020-04-21 DeaDDooMERsave: move save code to separated file
2020-04-21 DeaDDooMERmanager: remove flag 0x8000 from resource handle id
2020-04-21 DeaDDooMERgame: switch textures in more abstract way
2020-04-17 DeaDDooMERconfig: read config and args by renders
2020-04-17 DeaDDooMERconfig: allow multiple cfg structures for config update
2020-04-17 DeaDDooMERconfig: move config loading to system driver
2020-04-17 DeaDDooMERsdl2: remove unneeded unicode to cp866 converter
2020-04-17 DeaDDooMERrender: opengl: add screen scaling
2020-04-16 DeaDDooMERrenders: fix software render
2020-04-16 DeaDDooMERmenu: make flexible menus
2020-04-14 DeaDDooMERmenu: draw menus without direct access to sutructures
2020-04-13 DeaDDooMERengine: use lib cp866 where needed
2020-04-13 DeaDDooMERlibs: add cp866 support routines
2020-04-10 DeaDDooMERmenu: change videomode at runtime
2020-04-10 DeaDDooMERrender: fix menu disappear on sdl1
2020-04-10 DeaDDooMERmenu: add video settings
2020-04-10 DeaDDooMERmenu: fix cheats
2020-04-09 DeaDDooMERmenu: improve menu drawing
2020-04-09 DeaDDooMERmenu: rewrite menu code (software render are broken)
2020-04-04 DeaDDooMERconfig: add config writer
2020-04-03 DeaDDooMERemscripten: fix sdl2
2020-04-03 DeaDDooMERportability: remove pragma pack
2020-04-03 DeaDDooMERconfig: rewrite config parser
2020-04-03 DeaDDooMERports: ported to emscripten
2020-04-02 DeaDDooMERsoftware: fix crashes on buffer resize
2020-04-02 DeaDDooMERsystem: remove message on quit
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsystem: optimize videomode and fullscreen changing
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdlmixer: fix warnings
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdl2: fix building with sdl2 on linux
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix videomode flags on fullscreen toggle
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdl2: keep surface of same size while window resize
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERopengl: fix node allocation error on start
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdl2: fix building with sdl2
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix fullscreen
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdl2: fix fullscreen
2020-04-01 DeaDDooMERsdl2: use scancodes for keyboard handling
2020-03-31 DeaDDooMERsdl2: add software render support
2020-03-30 DeaDDooMERsystem: add sdl2 system driver
2020-03-30 DeaDDooMERrender: remove dependency on sdl 1.2
2020-03-30 DeaDDooMERrender: add stub render
2020-03-30 DeaDDooMERsound: add stub driver
2020-03-24 DeaDDooMERopenal: fix assignment in condition
2020-03-24 DeaDDooMERopenal: fix building on linux
2020-03-24 DeaDDooMERsound: fix voices in menu
2020-03-23 DeaDDooMERsound: add openal sound driver
2020-03-22 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix linking on linux
2020-03-22 DeaDDooMERsound: separate and rewrite
2020-03-21 DeaDDooMERmove error.c into system layer
2020-03-21 DeaDDooMERsystem: game itself do not depends on sdl
2020-03-20 DeaDDooMERopengl: do not even try to allocate texture with size...
2020-03-20 DeaDDooMERopengl: implement texture deallocator
2020-03-19 DeaDDooMERopengl: rebind texture only when needed
2020-03-19 DeaDDooMERopengl: limit cache texture to 512x512
2020-03-19 DeaDDooMERopengl: fix segfault
2020-03-19 DeaDDooMERopengl: fix building on non osx
2020-03-19 DeaDDooMERopengl: implement texture cache
2020-03-19 DeaDDooMERimplement optional opengl render
2020-03-15 DeaDDooMERheaders describes that c-files implements
2020-03-14 DeaDDooMERfix texture drawing
2020-03-14 DeaDDooMERfix palette
2020-03-14 DeaDDooMERfully separate render
2020-03-13 DeaDDooMERmostly remove game dependency on low level part of...
2020-03-12 DeaDDooMERfully move highter level rendering code in separate...
2020-03-11 DeaDDooMERfirst step to separate render
2020-03-11 DeaDDooMERfix segfault on 64bit systems
2020-03-11 DeaDDooMERfix segfault on 64 bit
2020-03-11 DeaDDooMERfix some warnings
2020-03-10 DeaDDooMERppc: fix saves and more map loading improvements
2020-03-10 DeaDDooMERported to osx-pcc
2017-12-14 Dmitry D. ChernovMerge pull request #1 from djmadcat/feature/macos
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovUpdate INSTALL for build under macOS
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovCleanup includes
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovAdd missed parentheses around the assignment
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovAdd missed initialization parameter
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovPredeclare `MN_hit` function
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovExpose `S_updatemusic` function
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovAdd missed includes
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovExpose `fexists` function
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovAdd missed stdlib include
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovDrop non-standard `malloc.h` include
2017-12-10 Alexey AleshkovUse `find_package` to find SDL dependency
2011-07-26 Andriy ShinkarchuckMinor doom2d_deb_maker fixes
2011-07-26 Andriy Shinkarchuckdefault.cfg encoding fixed.
2011-07-26 Andriy ShinkarchuckAutomated package and tarball assemble scripts were...
2011-07-26 Andriy minor fixes
2011-07-26 ARemboSave-файлы сохраняются в $HOME/.doom2d-rembo