description[MIRROR] a port of Doom 2D Forever to FPC/SDL
last changeWed, 27 Sep 2023 09:50:17 +0000 (12:50 +0300)
7 days ago DeaDDooMERoptions: remove space from default nickname master
7 days ago DeaDDooMERsaves: fix game mode on load
7 days ago DeaDDooMERutils: fix encoding conversion utf8/cp1251
2023-09-17 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Sync the spawning of lostsouls with the elemental... mob
2023-09-12 TerminalHashgame: remove applying option for rulez random
2023-09-10 DeaDDooMERwadcvt: fix bit 11
2023-09-10 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix build for win32
2023-09-08 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Use proper Russian words for "respawn" and "power...
2023-09-08 TerminalHashcosmetic: yet another fix, but for rus language
2023-09-08 TerminalHashcosmetic: change help items to life-saving items in...
2023-09-08 TerminalHashgame: added more variants for random customization...
2023-09-07 TerminalHashgame: added console variables for random item respawn
2023-09-07 TerminalHashgame: turn off debug log for randomization
2023-09-07 TerminalHashgame: added random for item respawn time (default off)
2023-09-02 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Fix soulsphere and megasphere being mixed up...
2023-09-01 TerminalHashgame: improve rulez respawn timer
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