2019-08-26 fgsfdsNet: Buffer outgoing messages buffers2
2019-08-25 DeaDDooMERfix zip-packed animated textures
2019-08-24 fgsfdsNet: Disable music position sync for now
2019-08-21 fgsfdsGame: Warn about ports;
2019-08-18 fgsfdsMaster: Fix timeouts
2019-08-18 fgsfdsGame: Fix TRIGGER_DAMAGE on monsters
2019-08-17 DeaDDooMERadd cvars console_trans and console_step
2019-08-17 DeaDDooMERfix console animation
2019-08-17 DeaDDooMERremove sound debug prints
2019-08-16 DeaDDooMERalways set max volume in sound trigger bounds
2019-08-15 DeaDDooMERremove volume change at trigger bounds
2019-08-14 Joseph StalinFix single-player endpic drawing
2019-08-14 DeaDDooMERfix console input on some window resolutions
2019-08-14 DeaDDooMERfix chat/console input
2019-08-12 Joseph StalinTurn on linear filtering for endpic
2019-08-12 fgsfdsGame: Don't catch fire underwater in any circumstances
2019-08-11 fgsfdsMaster: Sleep for more than 1ms when idle
2019-08-11 fgsfdsMaster: Support multiline message files
2019-08-11 fgsfdsGUI: MOTD field now has automatic height
2019-08-10 fgsfdsNet: Master now supports MOTD and message boxes
2019-08-10 fgsfdsNet: Start ebin master upgrade
2019-08-09 fgsfdsGame: Archviles and souls don't burn; use iterators...
2019-08-09 fgsfdsGame: Monster burning propagation fix
2019-08-08 Joseph StalinMedkits now always extinguish fire
2019-08-08 Joseph StalinSlowly decrease fire pain frequency
2019-08-08 Joseph StalinRebalance flammenwerfer; add Fuel to Backpack
2019-08-07 fgsfdsGame: Handle load errors correctly
2019-08-06 Joseph StalinFix player indicator centering
2019-08-06 fgsfdsGame: Tweak fire pain
2019-08-06 fgsfdsGame: Pain sounds play every second when on fire
2019-08-05 fgsfdsMerge branch 'master' of
2019-08-05 fgsfdsGame: Don't catch fire if protected
2019-08-05 fgsfdsTriggers: Add DamageKind to TRIGGER_DAMAGE
2019-08-05 Joseph StalinMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-08-05 fgsfdsNet: Headless server starts with 0 players by default
2019-08-05 Joseph StalinBumped flammenwerfer damage (3/5 => 6/6)
2019-08-05 DeaDDooMERrename variable g_Net_DownloadTimeoutMs -> g_Net_Downlo...
2019-08-05 DeaDDooMERfix endless loop on map downloading
2019-08-04 DeaDDooMERdraw chat input line at top border on android
2019-08-04 DeaDDooMERdisable binds in menu
2019-08-04 DeaDDooMERfix input and bind handling in console
2019-08-03 Joseph StalinFix warnings
2019-08-03 Joseph StalinFixed comments (UTF8<>CP1251)
2019-08-03 Joseph StalinCorrected aspect for menu background
2019-07-31 DeaDDooMERadd cvar console_height
2019-07-31 DeaDDooMERfix chat/console input on android
2019-07-31 Stas'MConsole: Parsing flag should be set by default - addend...
2019-07-26 Stas'MMenu: Update scale only if it really changed
2019-07-26 Stas'MConsole: Properly store bind in case no down action...
2019-07-25 Stas'MConsole: Don't use double quotes so much
2019-07-25 Stas'MConsole: Automatically save console variables
2019-07-25 Stas'MConsole: Automatically save user-defined binds
2019-07-25 Stas'MConsole: Fix copypasta
2019-06-19 Ketmar Darkholmes: added outline for map position
2019-05-09 DeaDDooMERfixed input locking after load game
2019-05-08 fgsfdsr_showtime is now a cvar and 0 by default
2019-05-06 fgsfdsadded player handicap
2019-05-04 fgsfdsspawners now count delay after their first spawn dies
2019-05-01 fgsfdsadded ready to interscreen; fixed client strafe (?...
2019-05-01 fgsfdsalternate bind workaround
2019-05-01 fgsfdsworked around some bugs related to binds and input...
2019-05-01 fgsfdscan load non-looping music; fixed looping ROUNDMUS
2019-04-30 DeaDDooMERfixed chat input AGAIN
2019-04-28 DeaDDooMERfixed console on android
2019-04-20 DeaDDooMERfixed input when open console
2019-04-15 DeaDDooMERfixed cheat input
2019-04-12 fgsfds`map` command now looks for all pack extensions
2019-04-12 fgsfdsfile listboxes now have advanced hotkey technology
2019-04-12 fgsfdsneed that shit in chat input as well
2019-04-12 fgsfdsfix key repeat in GUI
2019-04-10 DeaDDooMERfixed exit from network related screens
2019-04-10 DeaDDooMERadded temporary hack for cyclic switching (remove it...
2019-04-10 DeaDDooMERfixed weapon autochange
2019-04-09 DeaDDooMERmore input related fixes
2019-04-08 DeaDDooMERfix joysticks events
2019-04-08 DeaDDooMERadded warnings for bind/unbind
2019-04-08 DeaDDooMERadded debug output for input
2019-04-07 DeaDDooMERbind with one param shows current configuration
2019-04-06 DeaDDooMERadded navigation in menu using joysticks
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERe_input cleanup
2019-04-05 fgsfdsfix joystick deadzones
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERjoysticks handled using SDL_PollEvent
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERfix virtual keyboard
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERimplemented bind from vavoom
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERused spaceless key names
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERkey binds and vars are stored in dfconfig.cfg
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERfixed key binding in options
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERimproved bind command and co
2019-04-05 DeaDDooMERadded bind command + autoexec.cfg + dfconfig.cfg
2019-02-20 Stas'MLanguage: Fix typos
2019-02-20 Stas'MGame: Add secret notification
2019-02-13 Stas'MPlayer: Twice delay for weapon switch by number
2019-02-10 Ketmar Darkskip idiotic BOM in text parser
2019-02-10 DeaDDooMERFix building for android
2019-02-10 Ketmar Darktools: mapcvt cosmetix
2019-02-10 Ketmar Darkengine: restored non-portable timers in "xprofiler...
2019-02-10 Ketmar Darkengine: removed SDL2 import from "e_log.pas"
2019-02-06 DeaDDooMERFix memory leaks
2019-02-02 DeaDDooMERfix random nicknames
2019-02-02 DeaDDooMERFix limits in config