2017-08-16 fgsfdsmore buffer fixes (?) buffers
2017-08-16 fgsfdsfixed some logic errors, but shit's still bugged
2017-08-16 fgsfdsraised protocol version
2017-08-16 fgsfdsbuffer network messages (broke a lot of shit)
2017-08-16 fgsfdsflamer projectiles don't push
2017-08-16 fgsfdsdownloading resources...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkcompatibility with older FPC
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkadded common file with compiler flags; cosmetic fix...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darklight experiments integrated into main tree; use "...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkmore map grid code
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkgrid now works for any map bounding box; collisions...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkreplaced "pvs" for lights with grid
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkremoved "potentially visible panels" code in favor...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darksimplified grid code (removed alot of pasta); rendering...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkgrid: proxy pool (no more segfaults on reloading map...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkgrid
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkoptimized light drawing: process only "possible lit...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darklight: use proper scissoring instead of clearing the...
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkshitlight experiment
2017-08-16 Ketmar Darkcosmetix
2017-08-15 Ketmar Darkbuild "visible panels set" before rendering the frame
2017-08-14 Ketmar Dark"--opengl-dump-exts" cli arg fix
2017-08-14 Ketmar Darkautodetect NPOT texture support
2017-08-14 Ketmar Darksome refactoring (sorry, i need it for not-yet-commited...
2017-08-14 binarymasterMenu: Add flamethrower key binds
2017-08-14 binarymasterPlayer: Code formatting only
2017-08-13 fgsfdsfixed segfault in bot ai
2017-08-13 fgsfdsadded network packet dumping
2017-08-13 Ketmar Darkwe should set OpenGL flags before creating game window
2017-08-12 fgsfdsmore flame tweaks
2017-08-12 fgsfdsmore flamer shit again
2017-08-12 fgsfdsmore fucking flamer graphics fixes
2017-08-12 fgsfdsmore fucking flamer fixes
2017-08-12 fgsfdsmore fucking flamer fixes
2017-08-12 fgsfdsmedkits and suit extinguish fire
2017-08-12 fgsfdsmore flamer tweaks
2017-08-12 fgsfdsslightly altered flame behavior
2017-08-12 fgsfdsadded flamer functionality
2017-08-09 binarymasterAdd flamethrower weapon, item and ammo
2017-08-09 binarymasterRefactor: Add global ammo limits
2017-08-09 binarymasterRefactor: High value const for ammo
2017-08-09 binarymasterRefactor: Constants for first and last weapon
2017-08-06 Ketmar DarkIDIOTIC hackfix for weapon cycling (not even sure if...
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkcosmetic fix in weapon queue updating (for bots, mostly)
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkfixed bug with weapon updating in network mode (moved...
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkfixed bug with weapon cycling direction
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkeven more shit in "give"
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkmore "give" items; bugfix in weapon switching
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkno more hacks for sg/ssg and knuckles/chainsaw switches...
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkif more than one weapon requested, don't select weapon...
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkslow down weapon switching a little if more than one...
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darknetwork code for weapon queue (and protocol version...
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkmore "give" cheatcodes
2017-08-06 Ketmar Darkimplemented weapon queue (no network code for it yet)
2017-08-04 binarymasterImagingFormats: Fix undefined result warning
2017-08-04 Ketmar DarkGUI: Key0/Key1 fuckup for P1 strafe
2017-08-04 Ketmar DarkGUI: weapon keybinds now "two-set" too
2017-08-04 Ketmar DarkGUI: "right align" hack; less empty space in "keybind2"
2017-08-04 Ketmar DarkGUI: keybindings menu now contains two keysets on one...
2017-08-04 Ketmar Darkbetter BS handling in keybinding menu (menu items now...
2017-08-04 Ketmar DarkGUI: backspace clears keybinding (sorry, it is Teh...
2017-08-02 fgsfdsupdated enet headers
2017-08-02 fgsfdsfixed player menu titles
2017-08-01 fgsfdsraised protocol
2017-08-01 fgsfdsadd direct weapon switching
2017-08-01 fgsfdsfixed pointer arithmetics; headless uses dummy audio...
2017-08-01 fgsfdsremove scripts from build scripts
2017-07-31 fgsfdsremove scripts
2017-07-30 DeaDDooMERoops, forgot to insert NativUInt scripts
2017-07-30 DeaDDooMERNativeInt -> NativeUInt for pointers
2017-07-30 DeaDDooMERFreeBSD build fixes
2017-07-30 DeaDDooMERFix access violation on x86_64
2017-07-30 Ketmar Darkfixed luajit so name for gnu/linux
2017-06-10 binarymasterRevert one line that breaks rocket parkour feature
2017-06-06 Ketmar Darkfixed strafe according to Jabberwock note; also, remove...
2017-06-05 FGSFDSFGSfixed strafe button crash; fixed analog triggers
2017-06-05 Ketmar Darksome shitcode to make strafing work in network games...
2017-06-05 Ketmar Dark"strife" key for gaypad keyset
2017-06-05 Ketmar Darkfixed processing of alternate keyset in network games
2017-06-05 Ketmar Darkrefactored player controls processing code
2017-06-02 Ketmar Darkfixed ancient typo
2017-05-27 Ketmar Darkadded 2nd set of control keys (sore i kent inta bindeng...
2017-03-07 binarymasterPlayer: Add blinking on low invisibility
2017-03-06 binarymasterPlayer model: Add new die level 5 for corpse slop
2017-03-05 Jabberwock-RUMore accurate hitboxes and smoke for Rockets and Skeleshots
2017-03-02 binarymastertrigger turret: add aim modes
2017-03-01 binarymasterfix small spider pain sound and sensitivity
2017-03-01 binarymasterfix turret and projectiles
2017-03-01 FGSFDSFGSfucking tabs 2
2017-03-01 FGSFDSFGSfucking tabs
2017-02-28 FGSFDSFGSsimpler fix
2017-02-28 FGSFDSFGSmake turret explosions ignore the turret trigger
2017-02-28 FGSFDSFGSfixed monster teleport
2017-01-23 FGSFDSFGSmore cyber kick stuff
2017-01-20 FGSFDSFGScyber can now kick
2016-10-13 binarymasterMerge FGSFDS branch, fix build
2016-10-03 binarymasterUpdate clean.bat
2016-06-29 FGSFDSFGSfixed cd in build_headless.bat
2016-06-29 FGSFDSFGSadd custom lua bindings
2016-06-29 FGSFDSFGSfix script bugs; allow require()