10 days ago DeaDDooMERtools: fix build with sdl2 master
2022-07-29 DeaDDooMERgame: fix screenshot size
2022-07-18 DeaDDooMERquote fix
2022-07-18 DeaDDooMERdebug: write build arch to log
2022-07-14 DeaDDooMERsdl: disable x11 dependency on osx
2022-07-14 DeaDDooMERsdlmixer: more midi configuration
2022-07-14 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix build on linux
2022-07-13 DeaDDooMERal: fix 16bit wav sounds on big endian with sdl 1.2
2022-07-13 DeaDDooMERsdl1/2: fix invalid window title
2022-07-13 DeaDDooMERmixer: allow to use sdl 1.2 + sdl_mixer
2022-06-26 TerminalHashMan: smol howto.
2022-06-26 TerminalHashOptions: update third masterserv.
2022-06-26 TerminalHashMan: update links.
2022-05-02 fgsfdsgame: add g_max_bots
2022-05-02 fgsfdsnet: add 'an' as an alias for announce
2022-05-02 fgsfdsnet: add 'announce' command
2022-05-02 fgsfdsgraphics: fix screenshots when r_resolution_scale != 1
2022-04-15 fgsfdsnet: don't ban people for timing out by default
2022-04-15 fgsfdsnet: make packet timeout less aggressive
2022-03-27 travi$Fix crash in some commands
2022-03-27 travi$Always switch to berserk
2022-03-27 travi$weapbest: skip empty
2022-03-27 travi$Fix empty weapon switching
2022-03-27 Stas'MPlayer: Fix compiler warnings
2022-03-27 travi$Fix preferences sync
2022-03-27 travi$Fix BFG and SSG empty switching
2022-03-26 Dmitry LyashukOptions: add third masterserver (by TerminalHash) in...
2022-03-26 travi$Fix empty switching
2022-03-26 travi$Add option to skip fist switching
2022-03-26 travi$Add weapbest command
2022-03-26 Dmitry LyashukMake autoswitch server-side. Add option to skip empty...
2022-03-25 DeaDDooMERplayer: fix frag decrement on suicide
2022-03-25 Dmitry LyashukGame: subtraction points by suicide in team
2022-03-25 Dmitry LyashukFix "by priority" in russian lang.
2022-03-25 Dmitry LyashukGame: improving weapon autoswitch, added rotation by...
2022-03-24 Dmitry LyashukNet: improving anti-autism measures by travi$
2022-03-24 Dmitry LyashukGame: Weapon autoswitch by travi$
2022-03-21 fgsfdsthese are msecs, not frames
2022-03-21 fgsfdsnet: free peer data before disconnect
2022-03-21 fgsfdsnet: force-kick penalized clients
2022-03-21 fgsfdsnet: kick clients if they take too long to auth
2022-03-21 fgsfdsnet: log connection attempts
2022-03-20 fgsfdsmore anti autism measures
2022-03-07 Stas'MPlayer: Add sanity check for network client peer
2022-03-07 Stas'MNet: Improve malformed packet handling more
2022-03-07 Stas'MNet: Handle malformed packets gracefully on server
2022-02-02 DeaDDooMERheadless: use dfserver.cfg instead dfconfig.cfg by...
2022-01-21 fgsfdsgraphics: lerp flags
2022-01-21 fgsfdsgame: mplats now move flags and items
2022-01-21 fgsfdsnet: sync moving items and flags
2022-01-21 fgsfdsgame: stationary mplats act as conveyor belts
2022-01-21 fgsfdsgraphics: lerp mplats
2022-01-14 fgsfdsgame: add flag dropping
2022-01-08 fgsfdsgame: execute onwadend event after state is changed...
2022-01-06 TerminalHashvery important commit.
2022-01-02 DeaDDooMERsvrlist: fix local server ip decoding on big endian...
2021-12-19 DeaDDooMERandroid: update build instructions
2021-12-19 DeaDDooMERandroid: update icons
2021-12-19 DeaDDooMERandroid: support android 4.0
2021-12-18 DeaDDooMERsaves: fix incorrect map load after failed state load
2021-12-18 DeaDDooMERplayers: fix bot state loading
2021-12-18 DeaDDooMERmonsters: update cache after load state
2021-12-18 DeaDDooMERsfs: fix collector (again?)
2021-12-16 DeaDDooMERandroid: remove unneeded layout
2021-12-16 DeaDDooMERandroid: add simple launcher (port from k8vavoom)
2021-12-16 DeaDDooMERandroid: setup argc/argv
2021-12-15 DeaDDooMERandroid: add libminiupnpc
2021-12-15 DeaDDooMERandroid: explicitly load libcrystax
2021-12-14 DeaDDooMERfpc322: fix segfault on arm
2021-12-11 Stas'MGame: Revamp prev and next weapon commands
2021-10-08 Dmitry D. Chernovmaster: Fix implicit isprint() warning
2021-09-29 fgsfdsgame: ... but only if we're not in game right now
2021-09-29 fgsfdsgame: apply default game settings after setting them
2021-09-29 fgsfdsmaster: add anti autism measures
2021-09-28 Dmitry D. ChernovFix incorrect user message if no servers online but...
2021-09-20 Dmitry D. ChernovFix compilation errors when building Windows EXE for...
2021-09-18 TerminalHashadded some new msgs for friendlyfire options
2021-07-11 DeaDDooMERosx: fix library linking (sdl_mixer)
2021-07-11 DeaDDooMERosx: fix library linking
2021-06-15 TerminalHashOther: add RPM spec.
2021-06-07 fgsfdsfix whitespace
2021-06-07 TerminalHashGame: add damage absorption
2021-06-07 TerminalHashUpdate man and year in credits.
2021-06-07 DeaDDooMERinfo: show enet version on startup
2021-05-06 fgsfdsgame: fix monster projectiles in coop
2021-05-06 fgsfdsgame: hit friendlies with everything by default
2021-05-06 fgsfdsconfig: save player teams
2021-05-06 fgsfdsgame: add option to disable hits on friendly players
2021-05-02 Stas'MConsole: Add support for repeated key binds
2021-05-02 Stas'MGame: Fix magic value check of gSpectMode
2021-04-10 fgsfdsfix interpolation of spawned items
2021-04-10 fgsfdsadd man page by terminalhash
2021-04-10 fgsfdsFPC3.2.0 compat patch by deaddoomer
2021-04-06 fgsfdsdon't write empty blocks (by deaddoomer)
2020-11-05 fgsfdsnet: add some more gulag tools
2020-05-17 DeaDDooMERsdl2: fix hack for menus on android
2020-05-02 fgsfdswhitelist a bunch of shit
2020-04-30 DeaDDooMERal: fix build with sdl 1.2
2020-04-26 fgsfdsgame: clean up TPlayer.GetRespawnPoint()
2020-04-24 fgsfdsgame: g_FatalError actually ends the game