7 days ago DeaDDooMERoptions: remove space from default nickname master
7 days ago DeaDDooMERsaves: fix game mode on load
7 days ago DeaDDooMERutils: fix encoding conversion utf8/cp1251
2023-09-17 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Sync the spawning of lostsouls with the elemental... mob
2023-09-12 TerminalHashgame: remove applying option for rulez random
2023-09-10 DeaDDooMERwadcvt: fix bit 11
2023-09-10 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix build for win32
2023-09-08 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Use proper Russian words for "respawn" and "power...
2023-09-08 TerminalHashcosmetic: yet another fix, but for rus language
2023-09-08 TerminalHashcosmetic: change help items to life-saving items in...
2023-09-08 TerminalHashgame: added more variants for random customization...
2023-09-07 TerminalHashgame: added console variables for random item respawn
2023-09-07 TerminalHashgame: turn off debug log for randomization
2023-09-07 TerminalHashgame: added random for item respawn time (default off)
2023-09-02 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Fix soulsphere and megasphere being mixed up...
2023-09-01 TerminalHashgame: improve rulez respawn timer
2023-09-01 TerminalHashgame: set randomized rulez respawn to false
2023-08-31 TerminalHashmenu: added switch for team damage absorbtion
2023-08-31 TerminalHashgame: rename "rulez-random" commands
2023-08-31 TerminalHashgame: added commands for randomized powerups respawn...
2023-08-27 TerminalHashsaves: move saves dir to data/saves
2023-08-01 TerminalHashsystem: save logs with date in special dir
2023-07-27 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Split bubbles effect code into a distinct function
2023-07-27 DeaDDooMERmenu: fix crash in video settings menu
2023-07-23 TerminalHashfix whitespace
2023-07-22 TerminalHashfix build
2023-07-22 fgsfdsnet: refactor bans
2023-07-15 fgsfdsmaster: add unban command
2023-07-15 fgsfdsmaster: fix linux build
2023-07-15 fgsfdsmaster: add nix-only pipe for command reading, fix...
2023-07-15 Dmitry D. ChernovNet: Clean-up leftovers from using ENet sequencing...
2023-07-15 fgsfdsnet: keep broadcasts in band
2023-07-15 Dmitry D. ChernovAssign a bot team randomly if it's not explicitly speci...
2023-07-15 Dmitry D. ChernovAllow not to specify a name in the bot preset to choose...
2023-07-15 Dmitry D. ChernovAllow duplicated names for bots added by the 'bot_addli...
2023-07-15 Dmitry D. ChernovSelect bot preset randomly if no arguments are given...
2023-07-15 Dmitry D. ChernovFix handicap specifying in the 'bot_addlist' console...
2023-07-15 Dmitry D. ChernovFix 'bot_addlist' console command not working
2023-06-21 DeaDDooMERres: fix path check
2023-06-12 Dmitry D. Chernovmaster: Add GPL3 license notice, as requested by PrimuS...
2023-06-06 fgsfdsconsole: read commands from stdin in headless mode
2023-06-06 fgsfdsgame: proper kick
2023-06-06 fgsfdsmaster: fix possible segfault
2023-06-06 fgsfdsmaster: increase enet_host_service() timeout
2023-06-06 fgsfdsmaster: disconnect clients immediately when appropriate
2023-06-06 fgsfdsmaster: check client timeouts manually; fix channel...
2023-06-03 fgsfdsmaster: add preprocessing for enet packets and more...
2023-06-03 fgsfdsmaster: another iteration
2023-06-03 fgsfdsmaster: validate versions, attempt to fix memory leaks...
2023-06-03 fgsfdsmaster: add banlist reload on SIGUSR1
2023-06-03 fgsfdsmaster: rewrite
2023-05-15 Dmitry D. ChernovEngine: Fix e_UpperDir() leaving a trailing backslash
2023-05-15 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Enlarge the map description textbox in the map...
2023-05-15 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Fix text preprocessing for the multiline text...
2023-05-10 Vasia-AssemblerRename preserve DirType
2023-05-10 Vasia-AssemblerAdd missing DirType to mapdef
2023-05-06 TerminalHashnet: true elegant solution (by fgsfds)
2023-05-06 TerminalHashmaster: anti-overflow patch
2023-04-26 TerminalHashman: add information about g_force_model
2023-04-26 Challenge9Fix model override option not changing bots' models
2023-04-26 TerminalHashgame: fix playermodel forcing
2023-04-26 TerminalHashnet: a more elegant solution for d_*
2023-04-26 TerminalHashnet: set values of debug commands to false when connect...
2023-04-25 TerminalHashfix whitespace
2023-04-25 Challenge9Add client-side model override option
2023-04-13 TerminalHashmans: update info about friendly options
2023-04-13 TerminalHashlanguage: fix friendly messages
2023-04-12 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Save 'scores' instead of 'p1_scores' to the optio...
2023-04-12 Dmitry D. ChernovCosmetic: Replace "goal" with "score" everywhere in...
2023-04-10 TerminalHashman: update information about g_spawn_invul
2023-04-10 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Write CSV-files with round statistics in UTF...
2023-04-10 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Fix missing sound from the bubble effect in liquids
2023-04-04 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Clarify more interface strings
2023-03-28 DeaDDooMERbuild: do not force notes (fpc 3.2.x emit too many...
2023-03-26 DeaDDooMERsystem: fix stencil check
2023-03-23 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Fixed missing check for the availability of stenc...
2023-03-23 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Remove '--opengl-dump-exts' command-line switch
2023-03-22 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Change some interface strings
2023-03-22 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Swap the "Custom Game" and "Campaign Select"...
2023-03-15 DeaDDooMERosx: fix build with fmodex
2023-03-15 DeaDDooMERenet: fix build
2023-03-13 Dmitry D. ChernovNet: Don't process network in ProcessLoading() for...
2023-03-11 TerminalHashnet: anti full state spam (by fgsfds)
2023-03-11 TerminalHashman: remove some categories from d2df.2 and small updat...
2023-03-11 Dmitry D. Chernovg_player: Simplify weapon visibility flag in TPlayer...
2023-03-11 Dmitry D. Chernovlib: Replace the modified ENet header with the original...
2023-03-08 TerminalHashman: remove old manual (wtf these notebook?)
2023-03-08 TerminalHashman: more manuals for god of manuals!
2023-02-28 DeaDDooMERgame: fix bullet scattering
2023-02-27 DeaDDooMERgame: fix bfg ball offset
2023-02-27 DeaDDooMERgame: fix fireball alignment spawned by triggers
2023-02-27 DeaDDooMERgame: create baron fireball with size 16x16
2023-02-12 TerminalHashrpm: fix wrong parameter for headless
2023-02-07 TerminalHashmacos: change year in plist
2023-02-07 DeaDDooMERgui: do not allow rebind `togglemenu` via menu
2023-02-07 DeaDDooMERgui: allow to bind ENTER/PADENTER via menu
2023-02-06 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix modifier keys on osx
2023-02-02 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix build on OSX 64 bit
2023-02-02 DeaDDooMERsdl: fix
2023-02-02 DeaDDooMERengine: remove key Meta