2019-03-23 DeaDDooMERfixed trap when open empty file master
2019-03-20 DeaDDooMERadded mode that show invisible spaces/tabs
2019-03-19 DeaDDooMERfix aliases for merge
2019-03-19 DeaDDooMERaliases can be applied for any file
2019-03-19 DeaDDooMERadded file conversion support
2019-03-18 DeaDDooMERadded new View print modes
2019-03-17 DeaDDooMERadded terminal detection
2019-03-16 DeaDDooMERadded highter argument count checking
2019-03-12 DeaDDooMERfixed formatting
2019-03-11 DeaDDooMERimplemented colorized output
2019-03-10 DeaDDooMERfix trap on linux when write to file
2019-03-10 DeaDDooMERadded integration with git diff
2019-03-10 DeaDDooMEReverything moved to sysbystem Diff, removed patch utili...
2018-12-16 DeaDDooMERAdded dedicated utility - odctool
2018-12-15 DeaDDooMERCommands now use DevCommanders and special syntax
2018-12-14 DeaDDooMERImplemented three-way merge
2018-12-04 DeaDDooMERfixed view comparsion
2018-12-03 DeaDDooMERfirst public beta