2022-05-16 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Replace Prikolist's sounds with non-clipped originals master
2022-05-02 JabberwockGame: Add HUDFONT
2022-05-02 JabberwockStandart: Add new switch and door textures
2022-03-21 JabberwockGame: Update main menu logo and oxygen sprite
2021-06-15 Stas'MGame: Add hit and noammo sounds
2020-01-08 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Update PLRIND
2019-09-18 JabberwockGame: Replace ENDGAME resources with the high-res versions
2019-09-14 JabberwockGame: Add MAINLOGO, PLRIND mask, flame loop sound and...
2019-09-14 JabberwockStandart: Add bunch of textures by Litchh and some...
2019-02-19 Stas'MGame: Add secret sound effect
2019-02-19 Stas'MStandart: Add standard sounds
2019-02-19 Stas'MGame: Fix chat sounds order
2019-02-04 Stas'MGame: Fix jetpack texture offset
2019-01-31 Stas'MGame: Update sounds for flamethrower
2019-01-28 Stas'MGame: Add sounds for CTF
2018-12-21 Stas'MGame: Add player indicator
2018-12-02 JabberwockStandart: Small fixes in some textures
2018-10-03 Stas'MLST: Rename lists to lowercase
2018-10-02 Stas'MStandart: Get rid of precompiled DFWADs
2018-10-02 Stas'MStandart: Rename files to avoid ANSI problem
2018-10-02 Stas'MDFWAD: Return correct error code
2018-10-01 Stas'MGame: Add some more chat sounds!
2018-10-01 Stas'MGame: Add more chat sound tags
2018-10-01 Stas'MAppVeyor: Update files on server
2018-10-01 Stas'MDFWAD: Update resource compiler
2018-10-01 Stas'MAppVeyor: Automatize DFWAD building
2018-09-24 Stas'MGame: Add corpse kill announcer effect
2018-09-24 Stas'MGame: Improve DSPAUK sound and add it to chat sounds
2018-09-18 Jabberwock-RUGame: Create additional punch animations
2018-09-14 Stas'MGame: Add some more chat sounds
2018-01-17 Stas'MGame: We need more chat sounds!
2018-01-13 Stas'MGame: Add more chat sounds
2018-01-11 Stas'MGame: Add chat sounds
2017-12-23 Jabberwock-RUGame: Make jetpack texture animated
2017-12-15 Jabberwock-RUGame: Fix brightness on right-viewed ATTACK for ZOMBY...
2017-12-15 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add right-viewed ATTACK for ZOMBY and SERG
2017-12-15 Jabberwock-RUStandart: Fix incorrectly post-processed textures
2017-12-15 Jabberwock-RUStandart: Add WALL128 and WALL129 to STDTEXTURES
2017-12-14 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add punch effect animation
2017-12-14 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add gibs for ZOMBY, SERG, IMP, CGUN, DEMON and MAN
2017-12-13 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add textures for loading bar
2017-12-13 Jabberwock-RUGame: Update SMIDDLE texture
2017-12-13 Jabberwock-RUGame: Redraw NOPIC using current MENUFONT
2017-12-13 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add sounds related to flamethrower
2017-10-02 Dmitry D. ChernovShrShade: Add 1x3 and 3x1 shadows
2017-10-02 Dmitry D. ChernovAdd ShrShade.wad resources (0.666)
2017-09-02 Dmitry D. ChernovGame: Fix names of the FLAGHUD_* resources
2017-09-01 Dmitry D. ChernovSet "executable" file mode on dfwad.exe and dfwadup.exe
2017-08-27 Dmitry D. ChernovDoomer: Add more sounds
2017-08-27 Dmitry D. ChernovDoomer: Put PAIN sounds in order
2017-08-13 binarymasterGame: Add burning fire sound
2017-08-04 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add graphics for flamethrower
2017-01-24 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add meelee for Cacodemon
2017-01-24 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add meelee for Spider Mastermind
2017-01-24 Jabberwock-RUGame: Add kicking cyberdaemon sprites
2016-12-21 BlackDoomerEditor: Add background texture for the preview area
2016-07-29 BlackDoomerDoomer: Separate sections in the MODEL script
2016-02-01 binarymasterGame: Add pentagram sprite
2016-01-28 binarymasterDoomer: Add 'slop' parameter to the sound config
2016-01-28 binarymasterGame: Add frag combo sounds
2016-01-24 binarymasterGame: Fix menu font (dot & comma)
2016-01-24 binarymasterGame: Standardize font configs
2016-01-23 binarymasterGame: Add talk-bubble texture
2016-01-15 binarymasterGame: Update fonts
2016-01-15 binarymasterGame: Fix CGUN_MESS animation
2016-01-15 binarymasterDoomer/Game: Fix sound headers
2016-01-14 binarymasterGame: Update HUD flag images
2016-01-05 binarymasterGame: New CTF flag icons for HUD
2016-01-02 binarymasterGame: Classic weapon/item sounds
2016-01-03 binarymasterAdd make.cmd for quick build, improve pack_dnd.cmd
2015-06-13 BlackDoomerInitial commit (0.667b)